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Lovely Pets in Chinese New Year Attire

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Your Pet by dressing them up! Here’s some for viewing pleasures!

cny attire

“I’m all red this Chinese New Year! – See, I’m on red sofa too!”

cny attire

“It’s so sunny, how about wearing a shade to go with my CNY attire?”

cny attire

“Do I look good in this outfit?”

cny attire

“Oh gosh, mummy forced me to wear this CNY clothes…”

cny attire

“Can I join in the CNY festive mood using decorations instead?”

Find Momo, the Dog

Have you ever played the game “Where’s Waldo?”

Andrew Knapp, a graphic designer from Northern Ontario, Canada, hides his black and white border collie named Momo in the frame of each picture he shoots. Here’s how it works between the man and his dog: Knapp tells Momo to “sit” or “stay” where he wants him in the frame, and then takes the photo.

So instead of finding “Waldo”, we have “Find Momo”!

Sounds interesting? Start finding Momo now!

find momo

Find Momo, the Dog
Photo Credits to Andrewnapp @

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Small Pets for Almost Every Household

Focus is always on dogs and cats in the pet world, but what about those of us who can’t own a larger animal? Don’t overlook the benefits of small pets. They can be good pets just like any other animal, and are often easier to take care of.

There is a large variety to choose from so it’s hard to pick just one, that’s why we broke it down for you so you can decide which pet is right for you!

Rabbits: These furry animals are social and friendly, and adapt very well to human companionship. They actually have longer life spans compared to other pets-in fact, some rabbits live to be 7-10 years old! Rabbits are kid friendly-but a downfall is that you need lots of room indoors for them. They also need to be socialized just like a dog, so if you’re very busy and don’t have time for that, rabbits probably aren’t right for you.


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Dog Chained to Front Gate of HDB Flat at Punggol 21

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog's situation.

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog’s situation.

Another misguided dog lover found!

Allegedly, a dog was found chained to the front gate of a HDB flat in Punggol 21, Edgefield Plains.  We were alerted to it when we chanced upon a Facebook post.  The photo posted by Vico Xiaolove shows a medium sized cross-breed lying just next to the front gate of the unit.  The dog was chained to the gate, with food, water bowl and other supplies piled up right next to it.

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Photos of a Cocker-Spaniel Puppy

Ginger was one of the few pets of our team member – we think she is photogenic.  Like this post if you agree.