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AVA’s Fatal Lapse

By now, any animal lover in Singapore should know what the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore has been up to recently. After taking in a micro-chipped Golden Retriever, ostensibly to help find its owner, it put the dog to sleep. This despite the finder saying she would re-home the dog if the existing owner could not be found.

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Of course, AVA released the usual statement that it had tried all avenues to locate the owner, but could not do so. Meanwhile, the dog’s condition deteriorated in AVA’s care, thus necessitating euthanasia.

However, the condition of the animal before handing over to AVA, as shown by the finder, was not as serious as made out to be. Continue reading

Newsflash: Auckland’s SPCA Teaches Dogs to Drive

Auckland’s SPCA makes a stunning breakthrough and teaches not one but three dogs to drive.  Meet Porter, the first dog they taught to drive and see him drive into the record books in a black Mini Countryman on a New Zealand racetrack.

Dogs first drive:


Learn more on Porter, a 10 month old Beardie Cross stray who was picked up by the SPCA and in eight weeks, taught  to drive.

Porter’s Story: Continue reading