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The Annual Dog Meat Festival

This year, on 21st June, a town in the GuangXi region of China called Yulin, celebrated a traditional festival. But this was no ordinary celebration of feasting and carousing.

It takes on a macabre and grotesque twist because the focus is the feasting… on dog meat. Thousands of dogs are massacred, sometimes inhumanely, for their meat.

In 2011, the festival was cancelled after a huge outcry and protest by animal rights advocates. This year, however, it has re-emerged in Yulin, prompting many activists and animal groups to once again take up the banner.


One such group is, which has written a petition addressed to the Chinese goverment about this festival.

There are also numerous Facebook pages dedicated to bringing awareness and opposition to this cruel tradition.

As I write this, I am keenly aware that the festival has already started, and perhaps hundreds of dogs are being slaughtered, right at this very moment.

While it may be too late to stop this barbaric tradition this year, we think that every bit of awareness helps, and eventually we may be able to unite enough voices to stop it once and for all.

Please help to spread the word and lend support to the cause in China.

AVA’s Fatal Lapse

By now, any animal lover in Singapore should know what the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore has been up to recently. After taking in a micro-chipped Golden Retriever, ostensibly to help find its owner, it put the dog to sleep. This despite the finder saying she would re-home the dog if the existing owner could not be found.

Golden Retriever, AVA, Victoria Lim, Petition

Please support online petition for answers and action.

Of course, AVA released the usual statement that it had tried all avenues to locate the owner, but could not do so. Meanwhile, the dog’s condition deteriorated in AVA’s care, thus necessitating euthanasia.

However, the condition of the animal before handing over to AVA, as shown by the finder, was not as serious as made out to be. Continue reading

1,024 Cats Saved From Chinese Dining Table After Being Discovered in Cramped Cages in a Road Accident

On 14 Jan, a truck got into a traffic accident on a street in Changsha, Hunan province and more than a thousand cats were left stranded for 24hrs before volunteers came to save them from the roadside.

This road accident uncovered 1,024 cats in cramped cages on the back of a crashed truck, which was delivering them – as meat – to restaurants in Guangdong, China.

1,000 cats locked in wooden cages without food and water

Photo via China Daily / Reuters

According to the website Care For Chinese Animals, volunteers forked out about RMB10,000 and negotiated with the business owner to buy the cats over.

The mistreated cats were nursed with food, water and milk on site. And the majority of them were transported to the Changsha Small Animal Protection Association for further treatment. Some animals were taken home by rescuers.

More on Paws and Claws hopes that stricter animal protection laws will be introduced, be it in China, Singapore, or any other part of the world, so that these little defenseless animals are protected and not abused in any way.

Dog abandoned, Owner to be identified!

Abandoned Dog

Picture credit to SPCA

Quoted from SPCA Facebook Page:

The man pictured abandoned this dog at Bartley MRT station after we requested he come back again the next day. On Sunday, 16 Dec, he came to the SPCA wanting to surrender this 1-year-old mongrel. He had raised the dog from a puppy but cited reasons such as moving house, no one wanting to take care of it and neighbours complaining, for not wanting the dog anymore. Our staff tried their best to persuade him to find the dog a home himself instead of surrendering it to SPCA. He then requested we put the dog to sleep. Our staff told him we couldn’t do that for him. The dog was found shortly after tied to a pole outside Bartley MRT station. If you or anyone you know has information about this person or this dog, please call us on 62875355 ext 9 or write to
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Dog Chained to Front Gate of HDB Flat at Punggol 21

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog's situation.

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog’s situation.

Another misguided dog lover found!

Allegedly, a dog was found chained to the front gate of a HDB flat in Punggol 21, Edgefield Plains.  We were alerted to it when we chanced upon a Facebook post.  The photo posted by Vico Xiaolove shows a medium sized cross-breed lying just next to the front gate of the unit.  The dog was chained to the gate, with food, water bowl and other supplies piled up right next to it.

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A Pair of Dismembered Cats found in Chong Pang, Yishun

Just hours ago we celebrated the new year with much fun and fanfare. It was certainly a joyous occasion and many of us have many reason to look forward to a great 2013. Unfortunately for 2 cats, they suffered a very disturbing end to 2012. They were found dead and cruelly dismembered.

It is with our greatest regret that we are starting 2013 with such sinister news.


Source: the Cat Welfare Society

It was through our friends at the Cat Welfare Society that we learnt about these cases in Chong Pang, Yishun. These cases have already been reported to the AVA, SPCA and police. More on Paws and Claws will join the Cat Welfare Society in condemning the action of this or these abusers. We hope that the perpetrators can be traced and brought to justice.

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