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Understand The Basics Of Fish

It will be wise to learn something about fishes and their requirements if you plan on setting up an aquarium.


Aquarium fish tankFish take in water through the mouth; they do not drink it, however, but pass it out backwards through the gill-openings at the sides of the head, under the bony gill-covers. As it goes through it bathes the gills, which are so constructed that they can take oxygen out of the water and get rid of carbon dioxide in exchange. The gills, then, are their breathing organs; they have no lungs. But the process of breathing is otherwise much like ours, and if there is not a proper supply of oxygen in the water, they will sicken and die.

The oxygen is dissolved in the water, and the carbon dioxide given off, through contact with the air at the surface. Thus it will be understood that if the surface area is too small the water will become charged with carbon dioxide, and there will not be room for replacement of the oxygen when it is used by the fish.

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Having Kids and Pets at the same time

For one reason or the other, kids and pets don’t mesh well together. And that’s because like kids, pets can be a big responsibility. If you don’t have much time in your hands, don’t attempt to take care of them at the same time. But then again, doing that is very possible. You can certainly mind your kid and keep a faithful dog or cat along. It all boils down to the right choice for pet, setting rules, and good administration.

dog and kid

Having Kids and Pets at the same time

The first step to it all is to make sure that your pet and child are ready for each other. It is your job to keep harmony around your house. That’s not going to be easy at times, but it can certainly be achieved. The general idea is to kid-proof your pets. Here are good suggestions on how to go about it:

1. Train your pet

Kids cannot be taught what to do or not to do, especially if they are two years old or younger. However, if your dog is old enough, it should be able to understand a few commands and heed some rules with obedience. It is important that you send your dog for proper training. Teaching the dog how to behave around kids is essential even before the child is born.

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Tip of the Week – How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean – Part III

Earlier on, we have shared about how the tips on keeping your aquarium clean by Changing the Water Regularly and Cleaning the Gravel in our “Tips of the Week” section!

In our last part, we will be touching on Cleaning the Filters and Algae Control.

Clean the Filters

Fish AquariumThere are various types of filter available, so the best advice here is follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Deciding on how often to clean them varies depending on the size of the filters and the amount of water in the tank. Suffice to say that the same principle applies as for the water and gravel. The filters, whether they’re sponge or a synthetic material, are a home for the healthy bacteria. The aim is to rinse them enough to wash out the old food and waste that will have been trapped there, but not do such a thorough job that they’re “clinically” clean.

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Tip of the Week – How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean – Part II

Fish AquariumEarlier on, we shared on how to go about setting up an aquarium.

And today, we will be sharing on how to go about cleaning the gravel for your aquarium in our weekly “Tips of the Week”.


Clean the Gravel

It’s the tip at the bottom of the garden as far as the fish are concerned, and everything unpleasant ends up down there. It’s the repository for all the uneaten food and poo, and if left to build up, can become toxic. Filters will remove a large proportion of the particles that are in the tank, but larger pieces will become lodged in the gravel.

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Setting Up Your Own Aquarium

Planning on setting up your new aquarium? Then this is the right place for you to learn more on how to set it up. Having fishes as pets can have therapeutic benefits and they are also easy to look after. You do not have to walk them, they wouldn’t scratch you or make noise and feeding them is really easy. Watching the fishes swim around in their aquariums can actually prove to be a good stress reliever. The best part about owning fishes is that you can design their home environment according to your own likes and dislikes. After you decorated it, the aquarium can definitely improve the look of your room.

Aquarium fish tank

Setting Up Your Own Aquarium is vital to the survival of your freshwater fishes

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Tip of the Week – How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean – Part I

FishThere is something special about an aquarium in a room. The colours, the gentle play of light on the fish as they gently swim to and fro between the plants, and the soothing tone as the water is refreshed. It really is an ideal addition to any home or office. But to keep an aquarium looking its best does require a degree of care. As living creatures, the fish need to be in a clean and healthy environment in order to thrive, and the confined world of the aquarium can soon become toxic if not properly maintained. Keeping a healthy aquarium isn’t difficult, however, if you keep up a regular routine of checking and cleaning.

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