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The Hunt is On! Reward $2,000, For the Chong Pang Cat Murderer.

The police are on the case, a minister, K. Shanmugam has condemned it and pushed for residents to provide information, a $2,000 reward has been offered for the information and non-profit organisations like the Cat Welfare Society, AVA and SPCA have all put their machinery into action for the hunt.  The mass media and social media channels have also weighed in on the situation.


It does sound like a massive witch-hunt, which can oftentimes turn out to be misguided.  However, in this case, I will opine that it is necessary lest another animal abuser thinks that he or she can easily get away with such actions on our sunny shores.


The Cat Welfare Society is “organising a door-to-door appeal for information in Chong Pang to seek information as well as raise awareness about animal abuse on Thursday 3 Jan 7pm”.  They are hoping for greater participation, and we would like to encourage our readers to do so.  Please RSVP with your name, contact and email to

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Dog Chained to Front Gate of HDB Flat at Punggol 21

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog's situation.

Facebook post alerting us to the poor dog’s situation.

Another misguided dog lover found!

Allegedly, a dog was found chained to the front gate of a HDB flat in Punggol 21, Edgefield Plains.  We were alerted to it when we chanced upon a Facebook post.  The photo posted by Vico Xiaolove shows a medium sized cross-breed lying just next to the front gate of the unit.  The dog was chained to the gate, with food, water bowl and other supplies piled up right next to it.

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A Pair of Dismembered Cats found in Chong Pang, Yishun

Just hours ago we celebrated the new year with much fun and fanfare. It was certainly a joyous occasion and many of us have many reason to look forward to a great 2013. Unfortunately for 2 cats, they suffered a very disturbing end to 2012. They were found dead and cruelly dismembered.

It is with our greatest regret that we are starting 2013 with such sinister news.


Source: the Cat Welfare Society

It was through our friends at the Cat Welfare Society that we learnt about these cases in Chong Pang, Yishun. These cases have already been reported to the AVA, SPCA and police. More on Paws and Claws will join the Cat Welfare Society in condemning the action of this or these abusers. We hope that the perpetrators can be traced and brought to justice.

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Are you up for Yoga for dogs – “Doga”

You have heard of Yoga for sure, but have you heard of Doga?

An enterprising yoga instructor in Hong Kong introduces the “doga” to help our furry friends to better find their inner peace, keep fit and stay healthy.  Doga has been popular in other pet loving countries like Japan and USA for some time now.

Suzette Ackermann, originally “just a dance and yoga” instructor from South Africa introduces doga to Hong Kong about a year ago.  Although she has been doing yoga with “Snowball” at home for some time, she was instigated by her Japanese groomer to start her doga classes.

Please see the video:

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An aquarium full of sharks explodes in a shopping centre

Watch the shocking video when a large 33-ton aquarium full of sharks explodes and showers the shoppers with both water, glass and sharks!

Four unfortunate shoppers were caught on camera right next to the 23 by 10 feet aquarium at the moment of impact. The unfortunate incident left 3 sharks dead and 15 people injured.

Watch the video of the incident at the Oriental Shopping Center in Shanghai, China:

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Even Simon Cowell can’t say no to a dancing dog

Some of you might have already seen this, but we just could not resist sharing with you a dancing dog, especially one that does a Flintstones!

Ashleigh and Pudsey were given a standing ovation at the end of the performance in Britain’s Got Talent 2012.  Although, we were quite heartened to see a usually stone-cold Simon softening the moment Pudsey appeared on stage, however, it was seeing Simon do a standing ovation that must really warm our hearts!  Wow, now we know that a dancing dog is a highway to Simon’s heart!  I think we can count Simon as a dog lover, agreed?

Of course, other two co-judges, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams, clearly smitten, wave on the entertaining pair and we wish them the best on their quest for the Oscars.

Watch their Flintstones themed audition here:

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