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The Annual Dog Meat Festival

This year, on 21st June, a town in the GuangXi region of China called Yulin, celebrated a traditional festival. But this was no ordinary celebration of feasting and carousing.

It takes on a macabre and grotesque twist because the focus is the feasting… on dog meat. Thousands of dogs are massacred, sometimes inhumanely, for their meat.

In 2011, the festival was cancelled after a huge outcry and protest by animal rights advocates. This year, however, it has re-emerged in Yulin, prompting many activists and animal groups to once again take up the banner.


One such group is, which has written a petition addressed to the Chinese goverment about this festival.

There are also numerous Facebook pages dedicated to bringing awareness and opposition to this cruel tradition.

As I write this, I am keenly aware that the festival has already started, and perhaps hundreds of dogs are being slaughtered, right at this very moment.

While it may be too late to stop this barbaric tradition this year, we think that every bit of awareness helps, and eventually we may be able to unite enough voices to stop it once and for all.

Please help to spread the word and lend support to the cause in China.

AVA’s Fatal Lapse

By now, any animal lover in Singapore should know what the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore has been up to recently. After taking in a micro-chipped Golden Retriever, ostensibly to help find its owner, it put the dog to sleep. This despite the finder saying she would re-home the dog if the existing owner could not be found.

Golden Retriever, AVA, Victoria Lim, Petition

Please support online petition for answers and action.

Of course, AVA released the usual statement that it had tried all avenues to locate the owner, but could not do so. Meanwhile, the dog’s condition deteriorated in AVA’s care, thus necessitating euthanasia.

However, the condition of the animal before handing over to AVA, as shown by the finder, was not as serious as made out to be. Continue reading

Pet Gift Idea 2 – A Six-Pack of Doggie Beer

Not that Rover would really care, one way or another, how his treat is packaged, but this six-pack of “beer” for dogs is just too irresistably cute. And you wouldn’t want to leave him out of the seasons’ festivities, would you?

Bowser Beer, as it is called, is made from USDA beef (or chicken), Malt Barley and Glucosamine.

What it does not contain, despite it’s name, is alcohol. Kinda like how root beer is, eh?



It also has no carbonation, hops or commercial broth of unknown origin and composition, all of which can be harmful or even lethal to your favourite furball. Instead, it’s got proteins, vitamins and joint-protecting Glucosamine.

Unfortunately, does not ship internationally. Good thing then, that you can get it off a quick search (Bowser Beer)  on PetFenceUSA also ships it worldwide.

Pet Gift Idea 1 – A Quacky Kind of Muzzle

Sometimes, you just have to use a muzzle for your companion, whether due to regulations or environments with too much excitation.

Why not do it in quirky (and quacky) fashion with these muzzles from OPPO?


With three sizes to fit any dog comfortably, and a soft silicon construction, it won’t make Rover feel more uncomfortable than he has to be.

quack_park_pinkNo surprise that it hails from the land of quirky fashion and slick packaging, Japan. Unfortunately, that means you’d have to know a bit of Japanese to order it from this site, Winkl.


Alternatively, these cute and colourful muzzles (three different colours) have been spotted on eBay (Search Oppo muzzle) for USD60 to 65 (SGD70 to 80).