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Trimming Your Pet Nails

How often do you trim your pet nails? Do you bring it to the groomer for trimming? Or do you Do-It-Yourself? Do you know that nail trimming is an important part of a regular grooming routine? Let us share with you what are the benefits of trimming your pet nails.

Trimming Pet’s Nails: Take Proper Care Of Your Pet

By Jeremy Foster

Dog nail clipper

Nail Clipper for trimming your pet nails

Mobility – When a dog’s claws are allowed to grow too long, basic tasks such as running and walking become painful and more difficult. This may even become a problem for very young dogs with a lot of energy. Dogs in particular, enjoy running and playing and by keeping their nails short, you can increase their comfort level while performing these activities. Keeping your pet’s claws correctly and neatly trimmed can help ensure that he never suffers the unnecessary pain long nails can cause. 




Better health – When claws are allowed to grow too long over an extended period of time, health problems can arise. An ordinarily healthy dog can become lame from favoring paws while walking. In some cases, broken nails can be an issue and can even cause infections in the paws. Long nails can cause problems for your pet including infections. These infections are caused by the nail cracking or splitting.

Increased comfort – If you do not trim a cat’s nails often, they may begin scratching in an attempt to shorten their own nails. They may use a variety of surfaces including your furniture. Unfortunately, this also means that they may scratch you and other objects in your home.

dog nail file

Nail file for filing the edges of the nails

Bonding – Nail trimming and other routine health care maintenance can be the perfect time to bond with your cat or dog. Try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and it can pay off for both of you. When you begin the process by calming your pet and finish by giving your pet a treat, he or she may look forward to a weekly claw inspection and trimming. This is a great experience because you can tell that your pet is happy and you know they are healthy too.


There are many benefits to trimming your pet’s nails. The main benefits include better mobility for your pet, improved overall health, and less pain. These benefits are worth it and even though your pet may be uncomfortable with the process, you should try to find ways to help them get through it. Rewards are important because they show your pet that your care and they were good during the process. This helps them to behave in a similar manner during the next nail trimming.



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