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Tip of the Week: Vitamin C for Guinea Pig – How much is enough?

guinea pig food A balance diet of water, grass hay and pellets, as well as vegetables and fruits are needed to provide a good source of nutrients, vitamins and to keep your guinea pig in pink of health. But how do we know that the vitamin C provided is adequate?

Generally, Guinea pigs need 10 to 30 mg/kg or more of Vitamin C daily, usually obtainable from their diet.

Guinea pig are pretty active and they can move around a lot. If you notice any change in your guinea pig, such as barely moving when you go to pick it up or not doing anything but lying down all day then be sure to increase Vitamin C intake for a week to see if condition improves as this can be a sign of scurvy.

Some symptoms of signs of deficiency

  • Not eating, loss of weight
  • Weakness, unwillingness to move
  • Diarrhea
  • Sore or stiff limb joints, which resulted in hopping instead of walking
  • Rough coat, bleeding bums
  • Poor bone development

To ensure that your guinea pig is getting sufficient amounts of daily vitamin C, it is also recommended that you include Vitamin C supplement into its diet. Do note that water drops are usually not recommended as it can make them stop drinking water if they dislike the taste! Chewable Vitamin C tablet is recommended by most vet or local pet stores.

guinea pig

Tip of the Week: Vitamin C for Guinea Pig

Too much vitamin C for guinea pig will cause little danger to them as vitamin C is water-soluble. Also, the excess vitamin C is not stored in the body; it will be safely eliminated from the body in their waste.


NB: Please note that the information above may not be exhaustive, and cannot be a substitute for proper medical or veterinary care and advice. We make no claims that the information contained herein constitutes everything needed for proper care of your animal companion.

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