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Does Your Dog Suffer From Incessant Scratching?

A lot of dogs seen in vet offices are there for excessive scratching. What causes incessant scratching in the canine breeds more than in cats, rabbits or any other animal species?

The three biggest reasons for excessive scratching include:

•Skin infections
DogThere are many conditions, however, that causes dogs to scratch. Some of these dogs have an itchy rash, they lose hair from the scratching, or their hair tangles into knots that has to be removed, or they may just scratch incessantly.

The flea is the most common parasite that will make a dog scratch and itch incessantly. There are very effective flea treatments on the market today. If dog owners use these treatments as directed, they provide an effective way to protect the dog from fleas and itching. Even dogs who stay indoors most of the time should receive regular flea treatment to protect against fleas because fleas can be picked up in the park while going for a walk.

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