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Tip of the Week: Health & Grooming for Rabbit

It is very important that you handle your rabbit / bunny often. In this way you will form a bond with them and know when something is wrong. Grooming your rabbit gives you an opportunity to do this.

bunny rabbit grooming

Grooming for Rabbit

Rabbits are very clean animals and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Unless you have a long haired breed like an Angora or Lionhead which must be groomed twice weekly, your rabbit will require little grooming.

Here’s a few daily care

  • Brush the coat to remove any matting or loose dirt.
  • Check length of nails and clip if necessary.
  • Check ears for mites, fleas and any redness which could be a sign of infection
  • Check eyes for any discharges by lifting their eyelids and assess if their lids are pink in color. Bring them to the vet once you notice any swelling, redness and discoloration in their eyes.
  • Check for nasal discharge.
    - Rabbits should not have discharge from their noses. Consult the vet if yours does as they may have respiratory infection.
  • Check the teeth regularly.
    - Rabbit needs healthy teeth to chew properly. With healthy teeth the upper incisors should just reach over the lower incisors.

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