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Dog Panting: What Can Cause A Dog To Pant

Every breed of dog pants sometimes, either when they are exhausted after vigorous exercise, being stressed or in pain. When we care for dogs we have to be aware that a dog does not sweat over his entire body like we do. Because of his body being covered with either a thick or thin furry coat; instead he sweats mainly through the pads of his feet. There is an additional way an overheated dog cools his body down and that is by panting and breathing rapidly with his mouth wide open and his tongue pushed forward.

Dog panting

Dogs cool down after playing

As a dog heats up he exposes more of his tongue and opens his mouth wider to increase the moist surface area for quicker cooling by using the process of evaporation. A Dog will also pant when he or she is nervous, much the same as we might sweat when we are worried or anxious. Continue reading