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Having Kids and Pets at the same time

For one reason or the other, kids and pets don’t mesh well together. And that’s because like kids, pets can be a big responsibility. If you don’t have much time in your hands, don’t attempt to take care of them at the same time. But then again, doing that is very possible. You can certainly mind your kid and keep a faithful dog or cat along. It all boils down to the right choice for pet, setting rules, and good administration.

dog and kid

Having Kids and Pets at the same time

The first step to it all is to make sure that your pet and child are ready for each other. It is your job to keep harmony around your house. That’s not going to be easy at times, but it can certainly be achieved. The general idea is to kid-proof your pets. Here are good suggestions on how to go about it:

1. Train your pet

Kids cannot be taught what to do or not to do, especially if they are two years old or younger. However, if your dog is old enough, it should be able to understand a few commands and heed some rules with obedience. It is important that you send your dog for proper training. Teaching the dog how to behave around kids is essential even before the child is born.

If you can’t do it on your own, hire a professional. Along with the expert, teach your dog the basics until you reach the advanced levels of dog training. Every master loves a well-trained animal at home. And most especially so if there are kids in the house.

2. Introduce kids to pets slowly

Even with proper dog training, you should not assume that your dog would behave well in the company of kids outright. You’ve got to introduce your pet to your child at a right pace and vice versa. Actual physical contact could come later, when everybody is already feeling at ease with one another. Never ever leave your kids with your pets in the same room for extended periods of time. And interactions should never be done without your supervision. Between kids and pets, you need to devote ample time and attention to make it all work.

Always keep track as to how your kids and your pet are getting along. This would give you an idea to proceed slower or faster as required. Just be careful not to rush things up. The effects could be harmful.
Don’t leave your kids and your pet alone. Not even if you are sure they have bonded well together. You should always think about their safety all the time. And while you’re not around, something wary could happen.

3. Your vet, your pet, and kid-proofing

In most cases, the help and suggestions of your veterinarian play a very important role. Whenever you are in doubt of what you are doing, make sure you call the expert right away and ask if they thing everything is normal. Treat your vet as the person who knows your pet and how it acts. Consider their suggestions seriously.

4. Different pets have different needs

You will have to understand that different pets act differently around kids. Like for instant, cats and dogs will act differently around kids. It is important that you did some homework and research everything you need to know about your pet and its sentiments. Some breeds of dogs can be perfect companions of kids, while there are other breeds that simply can’t stand them.

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