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Pet Rabbit need a house!

Earlier on, we wrote about getting a Rabbit as a pet. In this article, we will talk more about the type of houses that a rabbit need, be it for sleeping, playing, for comfort, or for hiding!


There are many different types and styles of cages that you can choose from. A simple small plastic bottom cages that are mobile, or a multilevel “mansions” that will allow the rabbit to have lots of space. Ideally, the cage should be at least four times the size of rabbit. They should be able to make several hops, turn around and lie down stretched out on the floor.


Picture for illustration purposes only. You should get a cage accordingly to your rabbit size.

In Singapore, most rabbit owners tend to use newspaper as the base for their bedding. This will aids them in cleaning up after the rabbit poo too.

Dry hay is an ideal material to use as a bedding too when a cage is used to house the rabbit.
bunny in cage

Rabbits will use one area of their living space as a toilet or litter tray, and as long as this area is cleaned every day and the bedding changed every few days, there will be no problem with hygiene.

You should also provide some dried food, such as pallet or some supply of hay and water as they need access to hay and fresh water all the time.



Play pens (fenced-up)

Pens are available from most pet shops. They are mesh panels that comes in different dimensions and usually can be arranged in different shapes and sizes, giving you the flexibility to create a space big enough for your rabbit to hop around. The sides should also be tall enough so that your rabbit cannot jump out.

They are usually cheaper as compared to cages or hutches, making it an good choice to house the rabbit. The main benefit is that they gives your rabbit an opportunity to get some additional exercise in a confined safe area where they are kept away from electrical wires and various household objects that could endanger your rabbit.

You can place a litter tray in the pens too, for ease of training and cleaning up after they have done their business.

Likewise, you should provide fresh supply of water, as well as some hay or dried pallet for them all the time.


Rabbit hutches are usually not so popular in Singapore as Singapore is known for its high humidity. The reason is due to the material used for the hutches. Although the design of the wooden hutch surely add beauty to the house, however, the problem with using wood such as plywood, is that the rabbit has the tendency to chew on anything that they can get their teeth on.

Another reason for being less popular among the rabbit lovers and owners will be the limited living space we have, unless you are staying in a landed house with a backyard or garden.

Outdoor Play Area

You can even set up a nice outdoor area, if space permits for them to play! You can consider using man-made grass patch to create a hiding place for the rabbits to play or hide for comfort!


No matter what type of housing or play area you are providing for your rabbit, they should be safe, secure and comfortable. And a gentle reminder to all pet rabbits lovers, do not keep your pet rabbit confined to a cage all day! Do allow them to come out to play and roam around and I am sure you will have a healthy and happy rabbit!



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