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How to Care For Your Pet Guinea Pig – Ways to Optimize Their Life Span

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How to care for your pet guinea pig – Ways to Optimize Their Life Span

Guinea pigs are often requested by kids to have in the home. They are kid-friendly as they tend not to be biters or to claw you. They may make a squealing noise though that can be a bit jolting!

Some potential problems to be aware of include:

  • Vitamin C deficiency in you guinea pig pet can occur. Some symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include sore joints, bleeding bums and poor bone development.

  • Certain conditions can deteriorate the vitamin C that is in their food which include lighting and temperature factors. Also try to keep the pellets away from a damp area.
  • Guinea Pigs enjoy chewing and you want to be sure that there are not toxic items in their cages (also do NOT use aquariums for them).
  • Bacteria can grow on their water bottle so be sure to clean that daily.
  • The average life span is five to seven years so be aware this can be an emotional loss for a child that has grown attached to his or her pet.
  • They  need exercise just like humans to maintain their health so encourage that and give them a little running time.
  • Some of the little guys can get what is called “pea eye” . This means you can see their white conjunctiva. Signs can include crusts around the eye, and inflammation as well as tearing of the eyes.
  • Potato skins can have oxalic acid in high quantities and it is best to avoid this.

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets and deserve loving care to blossom and live an optimal life.


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