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Dog Training – The Heel Command

The heel command is an important and popular command for your dog, taking the time to teach your dog this command will save you hours of getting annoyed when your dog doesn’t behave on long or short walks around your local area.

dog in park

The reason dogs are so ‘badly behaved’ when it comes to going for walks can be for many different reasons but the most common in many homes is the excitement of wondering the streets with all the new smells, tastes, and other local dogs to discover.

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Hamster Cages – What Does a Hamster Need in Its Cage?

You got the hamster, you got the cage. So what does a hamster need in its cage?

hamster cageThere are several options for choosing the right hamster cage for your pet. First, you could use a glass fish tank with a mesh lid. Second, you could purchase an elaborate plastic tube system. Third, you could use a wire cage. Fourth, you could design something that combines any or all of these components. Note that dwarf hamsters can often fit through the openings of cages that have been designed for Syrian hamsters. If you have a dwarf hamster, and you prefer the wire cage option, then verify that it is labeled as suitable for dwarfs.

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Tip of the Week – How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean – Part II

Fish AquariumEarlier on, we shared on how to go about setting up an aquarium.

And today, we will be sharing on how to go about cleaning the gravel for your aquarium in our weekly “Tips of the Week”.


Clean the Gravel

It’s the tip at the bottom of the garden as far as the fish are concerned, and everything unpleasant ends up down there. It’s the repository for all the uneaten food and poo, and if left to build up, can become toxic. Filters will remove a large proportion of the particles that are in the tank, but larger pieces will become lodged in the gravel.

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Caring for an Abused Dog

abused dog

An abused dog. Photo Credit: HOPE Dog Rescue

Dogs naturally take a lot of care, more in fact than cats. Dogs are man’s best friends. They crave human companionship and can get quite lonely when they spend the day by themselves. Among other problems dogs can have is when they have been abused. Dogs that are abused are going to have physical scars as well as mental scars. Dogs that have been abused will requires more care than other dogs. If you find yourself going home from an animal shelter with a dog that has been abused you will need to understand how they have been affected by the trauma.

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Setting Up Your Own Aquarium

Planning on setting up your new aquarium? Then this is the right place for you to learn more on how to set it up. Having fishes as pets can have therapeutic benefits and they are also easy to look after. You do not have to walk them, they wouldn’t scratch you or make noise and feeding them is really easy. Watching the fishes swim around in their aquariums can actually prove to be a good stress reliever. The best part about owning fishes is that you can design their home environment according to your own likes and dislikes. After you decorated it, the aquarium can definitely improve the look of your room.

Aquarium fish tank

Setting Up Your Own Aquarium is vital to the survival of your freshwater fishes

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