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Pet Gift Idea 2 – A Six-Pack of Doggie Beer

Not that Rover would really care, one way or another, how his treat is packaged, but this six-pack of “beer” for dogs is just too irresistably cute. And you wouldn’t want to leave him out of the seasons’ festivities, would you?

Bowser Beer, as it is called, is made from USDA beef (or chicken), Malt Barley and Glucosamine.

What it does not contain, despite it’s name, is alcohol. Kinda like how root beer is, eh?



It also has no carbonation, hops or commercial broth of unknown origin and composition, all of which can be harmful or even lethal to your favourite furball. Instead, it’s got proteins, vitamins and joint-protecting Glucosamine.

Unfortunately, does not ship internationally. Good thing then, that you can get it off a quick search (Bowser Beer)  on PetFenceUSA also ships it worldwide.

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