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“Comfort dogs” eliciting first smiles from the bereaved families of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut


We are delighted to learn that the children and parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School are being comforted by “man’s best friends” from K-9 Parish. Our prayers are with the family and friends who have lost their loved ones and we wish them our best.


News from their website,

On Saturday, December 15, five Comfort Dogs and seven handlers arrived at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Newtown, Connecticut. By Monday morning nine dogs and 14 handlers were serving the bereaved community of Newton with the Mercy, Compassion and Presence of Christ. (click here for the list of K-9s currently in Newtown) The Comfort Dogs have attended church services, memorial services, vigils and have spent time with the children of Newtown and their parents. The reaction to the presence of the Comfort Dogs has been overwhelming. Children and adults alike have smiled for the first time in days as they reach out to pet or hug a dog. They begin to relax and as that happens they start talking to the handlers about their fears and pain. – SourceLutheran Church Charities’ website.

The K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry has been featured in several news pieces during their visit to Newtown, Connecticut. Click here for other stories in the news.

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