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Tip of the Week: How to Celebrate Christmas With Pets

Need some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with your pets?

Here are a few tips to make this holiday season a happy one for your family, both human and furry!

Getting presents for your pets

Tons of stuff you can get for your pets for Christmas! From the usual treats, to a new bedding for them, or a collar for the dogs or cats. A new toy for the birds, or a hamster ball for the hamsters to roll freely around in!

DIY Christmas treats for your pet

Put aside some time for baking pet treats, just like how you cook for your family! Homemade biscuit recipes for pets are readily available online. However, if you do not have the time on hand to bake, you can consider getting some pet-safe ingredients such as yogurt, or fruits like apples or melons and whip up a healthy dessert for them!

Customising some personalised Christmas e-cards

Take some cute photos of your pets by dressing them up in holiday gear, or just put a Santa hat on them. You can Whatsapp your friends, or send the photos through MSN or email! Save the earth by going green but don’t forget to send greetings during this festive season!

Here’s my version!


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